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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  June 16, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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time to rise and shine. we have traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we will check in with lisa baden in a moment but we start with adam caskey keeping an eye on a couple of sprinkle around town. they are passing through town early this morning. thunderstorms are expected for the afternoon and evening. there is light gray and approaching leesburg. it is moving from fox your county into prince william county. further north, we are talking west of hagerstown, a brief sprinkle. light action early this morning with temperatures in the 50's and 60's. 69 degrees in the district and 60 degrees at congressional country club. the humidity is on the rise. scattered afternoon stores high
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temperature of 82 degrees. we will have more on the forecast in about 10 minutes. there has been a minor car wreck in fredericksburg on route 3 eastbound. 95 out of fredericksburg to get to the marine base and woodbridge everything is open on the interstate. we will take you to the other side of town. newschopper7 is flying over the baltimore-washington parkway at powder mill road. more to come from newschopper7. our top story -- a trusted educator is under arrest accused of possessing and sharing child pornography. >> police say the assistant principal kept a graphic images on his work computer. courtney robinson has the rest of the story. >> according to fbi agents, when
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they confronted the assistant principal from greensville elementary he told fbi agents he had sexual contact with children and had a fund drive and other information containing child pornography. that was just the beginning of this investigation that began in april. a federal undercover bust has put joshua miers in federal custody. the 29-year-old possessed and distributed child pornography. >> i know parents that have kids here and there will be horrified. >> he was part of an undercover online sting. investigators say he did not know he was chatting with federal agents. during that online chat, he admitted he went to california to have sex with a child that he
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had sexual contact with children ages 9-14 and he had child pornography on a work laptop. >> it is disturbing and upsetting and something that we literally don't understand how people can do that type of thing. >> the superintendent declined comment but told us that the assistant principal passed a background check and has worked in the county since 2004 and is now suspended without pay. myers was supposed to become the principal at brumfield elementary and that now will be happening at this point. we are told that fbi agents found seven videos contain pornographic images of children. meanwhile, a bond hearing is set for today for a 20-year-old
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who is one of the two men accused of a murder in arlington. he and a 24-year-old killed the man as he walked to his job. police and their effects of not release the identity of a woman found dead wednesday afternoon. >> investigators made the grim discovery inside a home along the 8400 block of sugar creek blame. jummy olabanji is live with what we have learned so far. >> police are still at the home about 3 miles away from here. there are investigating what they are calling a suspicious death. a woman did not go to work for a couple of days for the want to check on her and found her dead inside her home. this is what the scene looked like yesterday from newschopper7 in the newington forest town home. at first, they did not see enough evidence to warrant going into the house. there were led out to the home again yesterday and they found the woman dead inside the home.
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they are calling this a suspicious death but they say once the medical examiner confirms the cause of death, it is likely to be upgraded to a homicide. they will not say much about her identity. all they know is that she is a middle-aged woman and she works at the imf. neighbors said she was in the home. by home at some time in the past, there was a boy friend living with her. looking at the day ahead -- house leaders will consider the next step surrounding anthony wiener. one possibility could be to strip him of his seat on the house energy committee. this is part of an effort to push anthony wiener to resign. public viewing will be held for the nephew of maryland congressman elijah cummings. he was shot and killed last friday in his off-campus apartment near old dominion
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university in norfolk. the viewer will be held from 4- 8:00 this evening in baltimore. a funeral is set for saturday. another milestone for congresswoman gabrielle giffords. she has returned home to continue her recovery in the devastating head wound. back in january gunmen shot her in tucson, arizona. she was released from a houston hospital yesterday and she is now living in suburban houston with her husband astronauts mark kelly. she will continue her daily intensive therapy. we wish her the best. some of the best golfers in the world are about to tee off right in our area. the u.s. open started at the congressional country club and thousands of people are expected to descend on the area to watch the tournament. tiger woods has been sidelined by injuries but the field is considered wide open. ballston to celebrate after the bruins won their first
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stanley cup in nearly four decades. >> the boston bruins have won the stanley cup. >> they beat the vancouver canucks 4-0 to become the 2011 nhl champions. the canucks did not take the law as well. the offense created quite a disturbance -- the fans create quite a disturbance. >> i am sure it is just the opposite in boston. >> the time is 6:07 and we have 64 degrees. >> still ahead a diplomatic meltdown -- tensions keep rising between the u.s. and pakistan. >> first, the cool dry weather is almost over. >> we've got a check on what is the trend on
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>> we are here at reston town center. taking place at reston town center this friday and saturday, we are serving great food like this cheesecake. ♪ >> that looks good. i can eat the entire thing. 6:10 this morning. let's take you out to congressional country club. what you are looking at is the
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18th fairway and 18th green. in the far left-hand side, you see the edge of the green. gray skies overhead no wind, that will change. it will shift out of the south later this morning and gusts up to 50 miles per hour throughout the afternoon. the dew point is 59 which means the humidity is on the rise. we will get clipped by a brief sprinkle early this morning mainly over a market by pushing to the north. it looks like congressional will get clipped by that within about 45 minutes. 82 degrees will be a high temperature this happened with scattered afternoon and evening thundershowers some of which could be strong or severe. traffic is normal but a
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beautiful trip here on the beltway 3 -- by national harbour and for oxon hill across the wilson bridge. nothing out of the norm between 210 and the bellwether. everything good at the naval research lab. this is 95. headlights are northbound and it is not too bad. the pace is pretty decent up to the pentagon. 6:12 is your time and much of the world got quite a celestial tree yesterday. from eastern africa all the way to southern australia, they got to see this year's first total eclipse of the moment. moon. the sky was turned orange and red in some places and that could be seen with the naked eye. >> that was the longest and about 11 years. >> beautiful.
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>> you can watch it on line. it is one of the top trending topics on our website. it is 6:12 in at 65 degrees. >> coming up, how you can land a real dream job. >> coming up, i will have the latest on a growing feud between the u.s. and a ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] with amazing innovation, driven by relentless competition, wireless puts the world at your command. ♪ ♪
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>> comeback. an assistant principal at fauquier county elementary school is accused of watching and distributing child pornography. joshua myers said he traveled to california to have sex with a child and had sexual contact with children between 9-14 years old. some of the world's best golfers are about to hit the
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links at the u.s. open which is being held at congressional country club in bethesda. thousands of people will descend on the area to watch the tournament. there is no favor to win an arbitrator will decide if the charlie sheen lawsuit will be heard in court. he was fired back in march after he publicly attacked the show's producer. that's >> will be interesting. congress and president obama are heading for a showdown over the u.s. involvement in libya. 10 lawmakers filed a lawsuit against the president heard the one i just to suspend military operations until the president gets congressional approval. the white house says it does not need congressional authorization to take part in nato-led mission. al-qaeda has a new leader this morning. the ayman al-zawahiri took over for a sum up. this comes one day after
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pakistan arrested several cia informants. we go live with the latest. >> good morning. pakistan gets $2 billion per year from the u.s. after the pakistani government rounded up several of those who helped the cia find osama bin laden, many lawmakers are asking why. the crew of the uss carl vinson which the buried bus, at sea is coming home for a homecoming. the man who owned the safe as the cia used to monitor -- monitor osama bin laden was detained. another man was detained by the pakistani government. that prompted outrage on capitol hill. the obama administration plans to hand over control of the war
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in neighboring afghanistan by 2014. you mentioned a new number one for al qaeda and ayman al- zawahiri. the u.s. has long sought him and he has eluded the u.s. and one of the places he might be is pakistan. thank you so much. the time is 6:17 and the cia is investigating reports that its web site was attacked. hacked. some hackers said they attacked the spy agency website. there were problems accessing the site last night. the cia says its web site does not contain any classified information. >> pathan the 6:17 -- the time is 6:17. we have the story on a new
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dream job. >> the worldwide stock markets are being jolted this morning. investors are increasingly worried about the financial and political crisis in greece. as after riots in athens. the problems could set up problems elsewhere in europe. foreclosure filings are at their lowest rate in 4.5 years. it is because it is taking longer for banks to process to link the mortgages. it means more foreclosed homes will hit the market later and keep prices lower longer. the used car you bought may have been a recall but never repaired. a government agency says that manufacturers don't always send recall notices to used car dealers. there's often a requirement that used car dealers fixed a problem or tell buyers about the recall. talk about your dream job -- sl;eep-eze is looking for a snooze director. >> snooze director -- that sounds pretty good 6:18 is your
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time now. there will be a brief round one of light rain this morning and around 12 later today in the form of scattered thunderstorms. >> people at congressional should bring an umbrella. >> yes we will get clipped by a brief shower with them about 30- 45 minutes. temperatures for the most part in the 50's and around 60 degrees. there is a look at the cloud cover over the bay over annapolis. it is 61 degrees at congressional country club in bethesda at the 18th fairway. the humidity will be increasing throughout the day. it will feel a little muddier as we go into the mayday and afternoon. berkeley springs is 57 and we mentioned a light sprinkle. not much will come of this.
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there will not be much more than a trace of rain mainly along a market and 66. -- along hey market and 66. this is pushing to the northeast and cross over the potomac into parts of montgomery county. this does not show much else happening in terms of rain. there are a few breaks and the clout behind these morning sprinkles. over all the mostly cloudy day. however, i am anticipating a few sunny breaks here and there. it will be more gray and blue in our skies. thunderstorms will continue in the afternoon into the evening. that includes most of virginia and western maryland and west virginia. your time live for today looks
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like best -- 82 degrees and tomorrow partly cloudy skies and light day thunderstorms and saturday and sunday around 90 degrees and muggy. for the latest information. newschopper7 is in an annapolis. early this morning there was a motorcycle crash and police are documented in this fatal crash. this is in front of st. john's college on king george street. it will be closed between college avenue and 450 until the documentation is complete. next, let me take you live to a picture of springfield virginia. we have the normal march and 66 and 95. we are open on i-395 and metrorail is on normal service. >> 6:21 is your time and 65
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degrees outside. >> up next, president obama honors special father's. later today on oprah june 9 atwain at 4:00.
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>> welcome back. president obama is celebrating
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father's day early this year. the white house yesterday he hosted a screening of the new disney movie," cars2." >> we are working with organizations to help dad to connect with their kids in simple meaningful ways. bowling proprietors will give a free game of bowling to dads and their kids. please give me tips. >> he says zoos aquariums, and sports leagues including major league baseball are promoting fatherhood. a very special visitor at 87 -- abc 7 yesterday. anderson cooper stopped by to see our studios in arlington. he is launching a daytime talk show this fall level air on abc 7 in the same time slot as oprah. the show will go behind the headlines and take is deeper into the issues that interest so many of us. he was cool to talk with.
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>> he was a nice guy. i am sorry to have missed that. >> it was nice to meet him. he was passionate and excited about his show. >> i am looking forward to this show. >> it is 6:25 and we have 64 degrees. >> in of, one of the region's airports is celebrating a huge milestone. >> fairfax county police are investigating a suspicious death. we will hear from the woman's neighbors and the lettuce and the police investigation coming up. >> this unsettled outside today and we have some areas of rain. we will talk [ male announcer ]
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> i know parents that have kids here and i'm sure they will be horrified. stir ahead, we have a story where the bonds of trust have been broken. a local educators under arrest, facing child porn charges and that is just the beginning. good morning to you, washington. it is thursday, june 16. i am cynne simpson. >> i am pamela brown. we begin with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we want to begin with adam caskey because we have changes on the way. today is more unsettled than
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the past couple of days. today the humidity will increase a little bit and we already have some areas of rain. let's look at sunrise over frederick. 59 degrees in frederick with winds up only 4 miles per hour. that will change and will be up to 15 miles per hour. congressional country club and the u.s. open today, mostly cloudy skies and it looks like a brief sprinkle could clip them early this morning. thunderstorms are possible this afternoon. 82 degrees will be the high temperature with scattered afternoon and evening thunderstorms, some of which could be strong and severe in parts of virginia, west virginia and western maryland. we increase the heat and humidity over the next couple of days. we have breaking news from annapolis city police. but have been with a double fatal accidents since about 1:00 this morning. we are live over the scene with
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newschopper7. it affects traffic going for the naval academy and st. john's college in annapolis. this is a live picture of king george street where they are documenting this double fatal crash between college avenue and 450. king george street will remain closed. 6:32 is the time and we begin with a disturbing case against a local educator. >> police arrested kit -- arrested the assistant principal of a nokesville school for child pornography. courtney robinson is live at greensville elementary school. good morning we can tell you the man in federal custody is 29-year-old joshua myers. he told fbi agents that he possessed and distribute child pornography and had sexual contact with young children. his arrest came after an online
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sting by agents. he did not know he was chatting on line with a federal agent. during bad check, agents were able to download seven videos that contain pornographic images of children. he also told the agent he had sexual contact with children ages 9-14. he also had a child pornography on work laptop. school's out for the summer but he was the assistant principal at greensville elementary school in nokesvile. in july, he would have become the principal at brumsfield. allegations by federal agents indicate that the superintendent says he was suspended without pay. many parents will have questions. >> thank you. investigators search for
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enters after a woman is found dead inside her fairfax county home. >> she was found in the 8400 block of sugar creek late. police are calling her death suspicious. jummy olabanji has been following this story and has the latest on the investigation. from newschopper7, you can see swarms of fairfax county police calling for evidence in this newington neighborhood. the main focus was on this home where police say a middle-aged woman was found dead. >> there was some concern because she had not show up for work. >> investigators are not saying how long it had been sent and when heard from the woman or how long they believed she was dead she had not shown up for work and a couple of days. neighbors said they were shocked to find detectives knocking on their door. >> best of their senate and suspicious over the weekend.
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>> neighbors said the woman lived alone but that a man had resided there a while back. at least one member says that same man made an appearance last weekend. >> an old boyfriend had been in the area. he was living with her at one time. >> that is jummy olabanji reporting for us. 6:35 is your time. in the day ahead, house democratic leaders will meet to discuss ways to deal with the growing scandal surrounding new york congressman anthony wiener. they could decide to strip him of his seat on the house energy and commerce committee. this is part of a larger effort to push him from office. people gather to pay for public viewing for maryland congressman elijah cummings' nephew. he was shot and killed last friday near old dominion university in norfolk where he was going to school. the viewing will be held from
6:36 am
4-8:00 p.m. in baltimore. the funeral is set for saturday. knew this morning -- take a look at this scene. the vancouver canucks fans took to the streets after their team lost to boston in game 7 of the stanley cup finals. they smashed windows and set cars on fire and there were reports of injuries and looting and some riders were arrested. police used tear gas. closer to home, play is about to get under way at the u.s. open. this will be at congressional country club in bethesda. it could be tough to get around the area because thousands of people are expected to watch the tournament and there is no clear-cut favorite to win this year because tiger woods is out with injuries. >> that will be interesting. everyone should take their umbrellas out there. the time is now 6:36, 65 degrees
6:37 am
outside. >> still ahead another milestone, months after taking a bullet from a would-be assassin, gaby giffords goes home. >> we're working up to rain and we'll have another check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes. a reminder for you -- check on what's making headlines at
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>> comeback at 6:39. tied for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> will check in with doug hill. there are no sprinkles yet but it is cloudy. it will be different than yesterday. yesterday was gorgeous and there is a change now going on with a disturbance in a warm front off to the west. let's check chesapeake beach this morning looking eastward from the western shore of the bay. skies will be mostly cloudy with areas of light showers and sprinkles west of the metro area. i think it will be a three-part day. there were the areas of light rain this morning and we'll get into partly cloudy skies and this afternoon, we will be on the watch for thunderstorms which could be severe.
6:41 am
this is a look at the satellite and radar together. you see the rain developing across western pennsylvania. temperatures now are comfortable at 57 degrees in frederick and 61 degrees in manassas. we will get into the low 80's. you'll see sunbreaks with sprinkles and light showers this morning and thunderstorms will keep an eye on this afternoon. even warmer and more humid the next couple of days with more showers and thunderstorms chances. we will look at the weekend forecast coming up in a minute. >> we will talk to you soon. >> check back in with lisa baden. in virginia, the volume of traffic we are watching on 270 in maryland, similar scenario out of urbana. there is accident documentation in annapolis on king george
6:42 am
street in from st. john's college. the street is closed. we'll take you live to a couple pitches in the other side of temper the beltway and rte. 1/college park where you see the word geico, that is traffic leaving civil spring to fedex field. it is starting to slow to georgia ave. let's take you to 395 springfield to landmark. >> clause 42 is the
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hours on a congresswoman gabrielle giffords continues on the road to recovery. she is looking up at home months after being shot in the head. she left a houston hospital where she has begun to rebuild her life.
6:45 am
>> months after she was shot in the head, congresswoman gabrielle giffords was discharged from a houston hospital. the statement from the hospital said we have no doubt that she will continue to make significant strides in recovery. she was released to her husband. you will continue intensive outpatient therapy. doctors have said that her progress has been nothing short of a bomb -- a remarkable. >> this kind of injury, you are looking at a death rate of 99%. not only did she survive but every day experienced real and measurable progress. >> still faces a long and intense rehabilitation. she will continue her daily work with therapists and at home, the hospital says he will be assisted by a 24-hour home health provider. what is important is that she is with her family. no matter how many days it takes, her husband will be at
6:46 am
her side. >> whatever it takes. >> hospital says she will continue her rehabilitation with the same team she has worked with since she arrived in late january. >> to: 45 is the time. a house subcommittee will hold a hearing on the spending bill on the district. it could authorize a $10 billion budget for 2012 and over 6 billion will come from d.c. taxpayers. the legislation bans the district and using local funds to pay for abortions for low- income women. four pieces of steel from the twin towers that were destroyed on 9/11 will be unveiled this morning in woodbridge. as are my will be held this morning. the steel are effect will be used to create a memorial in prince william county. the design competition will be held. >> taking a look at today's political minute -- the next up
6:47 am
in anthony winners sex scandal. the democrats' debate his political future. ." >> >> thanks for being here. it seems like democrats are trying to figure out what is next for anthony wiener. there has been talk about maybe taking away his assignments on the hill. that's right a top kremlin -- democrats have called on him to resign. but i can say that they asked him and he said now. potentially, they could make his life more difficult and capital by taking away committed to this -- committee assignments. that would be an attempt to force him out that life is becoming more difficult for him as more women who interacted with him on minor coming forward. >> that's right. we had a press conference yesterday by. start calling on him to resign. --by a porn star, calling on
6:48 am
him to resign. democrats are frustrated on the ongoing distraction. they cannot seem to put it behind them. that is part of the impetus for trying to get him out of there. >> it puts them in a difficult spot. >> it keeps going. they say he is taking a leave of absence but he is not offering to step down. >> we will see if there's an announcement on that in the next couple of days. time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> let's check in with doug hill in calvert county. we have more clouds that we have had in recent mornings. let's get you started with a look at the hd camera in laurel. we had a red sky in the morning
6:49 am
which sometimes means sailors take warning. some heavy thunderstorms are possible this afternoon but right now some light rain. here is the camera looking at the 18th fairway at congressional country club. they will get some golfing in but they will keep their eyes on the sky especially for this afternoon. temperatures around the area are comparable upper 50's, lower 60's. the temperature is 60 in howard county. a small band of showers is part of a warm front moving through. through fairfax county and south into prince william county is where it is moving and it will go to the metro area before long. after that, we may find some sunny breaks. there could be some sunshine and we will be in the 80's and we will keep our two eyes wide open
6:50 am
for thunderstorms this afternoon and a slight risk of severe thunderstorms for this afternoon. our story today will be temperatures climbing into the low 80's, scattered thunderstorms this afternoon and tomorrow, we will finish the week with sunshine, hot weather and still a chance of showers and thunderstorms. a complete look at the weekend whether with adam caskey coming up. >> anti-semites. -- thank you so much. all trains have no disruption in service. we will take it to the potomac river. across the wilson bridge is good here and the 14th street bridge and the words on the moral bridge and roosevelt bridge the traffic is good and constitutional avenue has paving in place.
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we will be back in a moment.
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home cooked meal: $28. ♪ ♪ first date finest: $33. ♪ ♪ having time on your side: priceless. mastercard paypass. bringing you the most convenient ways to pay. learn more at we've got a busy morning coming up. we will have the latest in a new leader of al-qaeda. we look at the man who is succeeding osama bin laden and why it is after the end of an aspect of the series. tear gas stabbings, cars set on
6:54 am
fire, we have the latest from vancouver after their team lost to boston. this line fine lunch? one fan as unforgettable trip to the zoo all ahead on "good morning america." >> it is time to check the top stories. eight fauquier county assistant principal is accused of distributing child pornography and is expected to appear during court today. he works at greensville elementary school in nokesville. he was arrested after aunt bridget contacting an undercover fbi agent in on-line chat room. parts of vancouver are a mess. crowd started writing into their team lost in the event -- stanley cup finals for the smashed windows overturned cars, and set trash cans on fire. police used tear gas on them. the first leg of the u.s. open will get underway in a few minutes at congressional country club in bethesda. thousands of people are expected
6:55 am
to descend on the area to watch the tournament. the reason a real favor to win this year. >> a local airport is celebrating a huge milestone. reagan national airport is celebrating its 70th airport today. it opened on june 16, 1941. it has grown extensively since it opened 70 years ago. now serves more than 18 million passengers every year. it was renamed ronald reagan washington national airport in 1998. >> get a last look at traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> let's check in with lisa baden. 95 virginia as volume out of woodbridge to get to springfield. 66 in manassas and centreville and rte. 50 fair oaks. here's a quick look at the radar. there are some areas of light
6:56 am
rain in fairfax county. these are moving to the east- northeast. it will be clipped by a sprinkle at congressional country club in about 45 minutes. mainly great today with some sunny breaks behind the morning sprinkle. high temperatures will be in the lower 80's and tomorrow, partly cloudy afternoon thunderstorms, high temperatures will warm up and humidity is on the rise today and over the weekend, we will be near 90. i want to give out a shout to my favorite soccer team, the storm chasers. the one this spring, over the weekend and that is a thre-oe- peat. i think that one because of the name. >> that does it for us this morning. >> continuing local
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